Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 10

I learned a lot this week and had some pretty interesting experiences!!! But sadly we didn't find many new families’ to teach!!!!
I’m going to write a little different this week I’m going to tell you about our  investigators!!
Joao and Zita: this family is our family closest to baptism!!! We have been teaching them for a really long time like 9 weeks!! They are a very poor family but some of the greatest faith I've seen!!!  they have one daughter as well who will be baptized!! They own a little shop and they sell stuff out of a shipping container!! They don’t have like any money but they are getting married which cost a lot here!! Like 1000 MT but they should be opening up their marriage process this week so they can sign the papers to get baptized!!!  
Carlos and Joanna: this family is awesome we have been teaching them for 3 weeks and we should be able to open up the marriage process this week!!!! They are a young family with one extremely wild 1 1/2 year old son named Wesley!!! He is the craziest kid ever, his hobbies are destroying things!!! He runs around and flirts with little girls during church!!! This family is a strong family and they have been to church 3 times and he brought one of his friends this week because he said he knew the church was true!!
Calisto and Joanna: this family is also a really young family! They live like 45 min away from the church but they still come!! He was a reference from his brother who got baptized just like 1 moth ago!! His brother lives in Beria which is in the top half of the country!! They have two kids one who is 7 and a little girl named Ika!! We had a great lesson with them about the law of chastity and that they need to get married so they can get baptized and I told him I think your brother got married so he could be baptized and he was like no he isn't married so he called him up and was like WHAT you are married!!!! And then we here my wedding is going to be better than yours  was!!!!! hahaha Elder Robinson and I just looked at each other and were like Yeah!!!!!  This family is awesome!!
Alberto and Carolina: I love this family they have 4 kids 1 boy and 3 girls and their relationship isn't perfect but it’s getting better as we help them get closer to Christ!!! They have a little boy named Wagoner  which is a really weird name for here!!! But he is understanding everything we teach him like a boss but his wife is a little slower to understand!! It was really cool our last lesson with them he bore his testimony to us and was like I know your church is true because I just feel it and I don’t believe you would come from America to walk around every day in the hot sun and through the sand to share this message if it wasn't true!!! It was really awesome and you could feel the spirit way strong!!!!  We have been teaching them for 4 weeks!!!!!!
Amerall and Enuice: this family is awesome he is one of the top people in the military here!!! He lived for 5 years in Russia!!!! He can speak fluent Russian!!! He and his wife had a drinking problem but as we have been teaching them you can actually see the change in them he is way happier and he has a strong testimony of the church already!!! Last time we went over there they had a nice cake they bought and he said instead of drinking we eat cake now!!! hahahah they have three boys!! He is the funniest guy I know here!!  That's a little summary of our investigators!!
I have a few interesting stories this week!!  First one
We went to a new investigators house and got inside and were look at his walls  and looking at all his pictures he’s got pictures of Jesus and family all over his walls and then we look on his other wall and there is a huge picture of a naked chick!!! and were like  crap!!! and he sits right underneath it!! Needless to say we didn't stay very long!!! Yesterday I was walking down the street and this random drunk guy runs across the road and freaking shoulder checks me!!!! hahahah I didn't even see him coming but luckily I’m a big guy because he hit me at like a sprint or as fast as a drunk guy can run but he like bounces off of me and lands like 5 feet in front of me on the road!!!  I was confused on what just happened and he gets right back up and starts running and goes up to another person and scares the crap out of them and starts chasing people!!! hahah he was an interesting guy!!! hahaha but the funniest thing was it was the zone leaders birthday on Saturday so we all bought him stuff and made him a cake and we went in to his room and barged in and he had no idea we were going to do this and no one said anything to him all day so we get in there and sing to him and give him all this stuff and he is like I’m very surprised hahahah thank you but it’s not my B-Day and none of us believed him because he always does this stuff!!  So we just shrugged it off and he is like no it’s not my birthday and pulls out his ID and shows us hahah and his birthday turned out to be the next month!!!!! hahaha it was funny!!!! and that’s about it this week!!I love you guys!!!

Tchau Elder Roberts!!

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