Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 9

Monday: Elder Robinson and I went into the capital city Maputo to explore and we both have only been in the city once before so we were like lost the entire time but we found the one thing we were looking for!!! a restaurant called Mundos!!!! and it was freaking good!!! I had the Thai pizza it had chicken, pineapple and bacon wrapped bananas!!! freaking good!!! and later that night Elder Robinson went to get a hair cut:and half way through the power went out so he had like half of his hair cut and couldn't do anything about it!!! hahah so he had to work for like 2 hours with half cut hair!! hahahah
Tuesday:  We had zone conference and that was awesome!!! President Kretly is awesome our goal in the mission is to have 4 stakes by the end of my mission!!!! We have 0 right now!!!  We have some work to do!!!!!!
Wednesday: This week was tough we had almost all our lessons fall!!  But we have been trying to find new family's!!!
Thursday: Again we had all but one of our lessons fall and the one that didn't was with a family that is getting married and baptized in 2 weeks!!! 
Friday:  Not much happened but we did have a lesson marked and we went to meet the guy at the gas station and he was freaking drunk out of his mind!!! It was hilarious he could barley remember how to get to his house and he was tripping on everything!!!
 Saturday: We had a service project a clothes drive for an old folks home and after we had food and that was good!!! That night we while we were waiting for a member to meet us at the gas station this guy come up and is like lets go and we were like where and he didn't say anything so we just walked away and we look back and he is following us so we crossed the road and start walking back the other way he jumps the road and is coming after us again so we jump the road again and we look and hes looking around for us and were just trying to loose him and he just keeps following us so we jump the road one more time and go down a road and take a bunch of turns and never saw him again!! hahah 
I hope all is well back home!!! Love Elder Roberts

Bacon Wrapped banana pineapple pizza


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