Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 3

Heyy family!! Whats up? Ok time to answer questions!!!! hahaha Yes we just got a new washer, I don't have to many mosquito bites. Don't worry I take my pills every day!! The language is coming  but its sucks not knowing half the thing that's going on in lessons!!! We are teaching 8 families right now!!  My companion is great!! We still have 6 elders in our house! We kinda have hot water its only one shower head that has it!! hahah and it shocks you sometimes!!! We get a debit card and they reload it every month but 8000 meticals isn't a lot of money I spent like 600 meticals on my personal card which is about 20 bucks and that's all i will probably use per month on that card! but the food is awesome because I don't have to make it!!! haha no but he just is a good cook he makes pizza, burittos and whatever you want him to make but its not as good as yours mom!!!  We get about one and a half hours on Mondays if you pay for it. The most exciting thing this week was i=I was in a shappa ( a 15 passenger van the use for taxi's and stuff as many people in as they can sometimes there are more than 20 people in them!) but I was in it and was in the back with elder Camrick I went on splits with him, but anyways the lady in front of us was texting  and a guy reaches in the van grabs her phone and robs her right there and when he grabbed her phone it like pulled her out of the van and she had a baby in her other hand and a young son ni front of her! It was pretty crazy!!!!
Monday: P-day soo nice! We emailed went shopping fixed the shower because every time you would try and take a hot shower the power would turn off so elder porter and I rewired it so it wouldn't do that!!Llater we taught a family that went well we got them to commit to the word of wisdom and that's big for him because he likes drinking!! And after we just contacted people on the streets.
Tuesday: we taught two lessons in the morning and taught a new investigator and found one more!! I studied and then my companion wasn't felling well so he took a 20 min nap and we went back out we started walking and he like I have to go to the bathroom now so we hustled over to a members house and  went to see if one of our investigators were home and he wasn't so we were going to go street contact but we had to run to another members house to go to the bathroom and he was like I cant do this any more so we went home I gave him a blessing that he would be able to resume work and feel better in the morning and that he would recover fully and he went to sleep and I just read the Book of Mormon that night!
Wednesday: my companion woke up and he wasn't sick at all !!! The power of the priesthood is real and god truly does answer our prayers!Like it says in Mormon 9:21 behold I say unto you whoso believeth in rist doubting nothing whatsoever he shall ask the father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him. and this promise is given unto all even unto all the ends of the earth. We had a training meeting, got home and taught some lessons.
Thursday:we had a lesson in the morning it went alright we went in going to talk about the restoration but ended up talking just about tithing hahah and how they don't like the pastors here because they all have nice cars and they make a lot. Most of our lessons fell through that night but that's when I went on splits, I went to the capital Maputo with elder Camrick from San Diego, and that's when the lady got robbed!!! 
Friday: the elders in Maputo have a way nice house compared to us!!! hahah they even have a baday!! its the toilet that sprays water on your butt and its awesome!! hahah but Elder Camrick is an awesome elder he has been out for one transfer(6 weeks) and he can speak the language like a boss!!!! During study time he told me that if you memorize one scripture per day for 2 years you will have a photographic memory by the end so Im trying it out so far so good !!!but he is awesome i learned so much from him one thing he said that i really like is "when you don't know where to go don't go where you want to go or where you think you should go go where you feel the lord wants you to go" he said to many missionaries forget that and do where they think they should go! but we taught a family that day and man it was flippen awesome I cried he cried it was awesome the family we taught was soo prepared!!! We had a lot of run ins with drunk people they are crazy!!! and they speak perfect English  but they cant speak a lick of English when they are sober.

Saturday: We watched the missionary broadcast because noone had seen it here yet but it was in portuguese!!! hahah we taught a few people and went home!! Well my time is up!! goodbye  I love you!!!! Elder Roberts

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