Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 2 in Africa

Hey everyone, hows it going? I can't believe I've been in Africa for 2 weeks already first off I will answer all questions. sadly i haven"t seen any awesome animals yet!!! I don't know my address here yet so I will find out and give it to you next week. We just got two new elders in our little house so now we have six!!! but one of them loves to cook and he is good at it so he cooks for us and its awesome!!!!  We aren't supposed to eat at peoples houses but sometimes we do!!! I love the people here they are awesome!!!  The language is hard but I know more than I did last week so that's all I can ask for. We get about 8000 meticals each month and it sounds like a lot but is only like 200 bucks!!! The country is very pretty but the place I'm at right now is very sandy and I'm not by a beach!!! we have to go like 30 min away and we hitchhike to get to the computers!!! Last week I had to wash my clothes by hand but we just got a new washing machine!!! We have a big supermarket like 15 min away and we take a taxi there and back!! We are teaching about 15 people right now so that's good we focus mostly on family's!! There are a ton of mosquito's here i'v been bit a lot already so I have to take malaria pills so I don't get it!!! I don't have much time on here today so ill just do a quick summary of the week!! We contacted a lot of family's and got about 3 new family's to teach. We have to be inside by 8:30 pm because people are killing people at night!!! hahahah we have 3 family's going to get married !!!!!! Here its expensive to get married so no one does and they have to get married before we baptize them. I ate  alot of good food here they have the best bread ever!!!!!!! I'm all out of time!! Tchau
Love Elder Roberts

I forgot to tell you one day this week we went into the capital city Maputo on like a 20 passenger bus thing called a shappa and here they put as many people on a bus as the can!!!! I swear we had at least 50 people in this bus all of the elders were standing and we are all tall so we were hunched over in this bus for an hour with like 50 other people there were even people hanging on the outside of the bus it was the most uncomfortable hour ever and it smelled bad to!!! Also when we were teaching a lesson This lady pulls out here boob right there in front of us and starts breast feeding and the baby stops but she dosen't put it back in! Do you know how hard it is to talk to someone seriously while there boob is hanging out? Its hard!! hahah

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