Saturday, August 17, 2013

Africa Here I am!


Heyy!!!! Im finally in Africa!!!! I love it here!! we got here monday night and i went straight over to the mission home and fell asleep because 16 hours on a plane with little sleep sucks!!! tuesday i didnt do much either we went to a place called mundos for lunch i had a hamburger and they dont taste the same over here i like american burgers better!!! hahah we got trained by the APs for about an hour and then we all got to sleep or walk around or pretty much whatever we wanted to do. Wednesday it was another lazy day we got to wake up at 9:00 haha and we got ready and went to the US embassy to get some paperwork done and our visas extended!! we also got to meet president Kretley the mission pres!!! he is awesome!! and he is funny!! Thursday was another lazy day we went to immigration and got our green cards!!!! hahah went back to mundos for lunch and i a pizza with bacon chicken pineapple and bananas on it and it was freakin awesome tasting!!! after that alot of the new elders and i went around to talk to people around the city and thats when we realized how little we know!! hahah but we tried our best! its crazy here how accepting people are almost everyone we talked to wanted to hear what we had to say and said they would come to church!!! some even asked us to sharea message about jesus with them!! hahah the country is very poor and the people dont have much but they are all very happy!!! friday we all just waited to see where we were going i got sent to magoanine which is a suburb of Maputo the capital city and my companion is Elder Going he is from NewZeland and i is awesone he played rugby he is hilarious and he is a great teacher!!! saturday i started my adventure!! we had a baptism that morning for Zito and his wife that was awesome!! the font is just a big tank with a tarp over it to keep the bugs out!! on our way to the baptism we saw this other church sacrificing a little baby sheep!! hahaha it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen!! after the baptism we had a district confrence so we took a bus to matola another suburb of Maputo and there the have very nice chapel it was just built!!! after the confrence we went and contacted people my companion had to talk to everyone because i had no idea what was going on!!! we taught a lesson later that night to a family we found contacting taught them the restoration all i could do is pray and bear my testimony at the end!! hahah but its was cool we have another appointment with them on friday!! On Sunday we went and picked some investigators up for church and drove to matola again for confrence as far as i could tell the meeting was good!! hahah But I couldnt understand much!!! we got home about 3 pm ate lunch and took of to teach some people as we were on our way to talk to some people there was a guy in his car parked tin the middle of the road we were like whats he doing just sitting there and as we passed him we realized he wasnt the only one in there there was a naked chick in the car with him!! my companion and i were like Arggg we turned our heads and walked faster away from the car!!! he told me that i will see worse thing than that and that that was nothing!! hahahh Oh jeez!!!! but we got to the house were were teaching there names are luiz and luisa and taught them a great lesson!!!! we commited them to be Baptized!!! that was an awesome feeling!!! we also taught another lesson to this guy maned claudio he is a really cool guy he owns a pharmacy and is very excited about the gospel! last time elder going visited him he asked him to read the first chapters in the BOM when we got to teach him he had read 10!!! he had alot of questions about the book of Mormon but i couldnt understand him so my companion answered them all!!! the houses here where im serving are all small they are just concrete houses with no hot water or bathrooms!!! i have to take bucket showers hahah its awesome!!! there are 4 elders living in our house one is a native the other is from utah!! the church is true!!!
Elder Roberts

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