Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 50 Matola is the hardest area in the mission

Heyy mom!!! So my new comp is tongan he is from Oakland, CA and he is hilarious!!!  I am pretty sure he knows more African dialect than Portuguese hahah but he is actually pretty good at the language! Matola is the hardest area on the mission and also the richest  it reminds me a lot of my first area LOTS and LOTS of sand!!!  Apparently most of the people here only get like 15 lessons a week and I am used to 30 or more up in Beira so my new goal is to turn my new area like my one in Beira!! We are teaching 2 families and found one more this week!! The first is Felix and Rosita they are a nice family and  humble  they have a small house!! they have been teaching them a few weeks and this Sunday was her first Sunday at church and she said she liked it  so we are excited about that she had a lot of doubts about baptism so we help clarify some things for her.
Our next family is Amerigo and Celia they are really nice and really young they actually don't live together  but want to get married!! He is a very funny guy he has a nice house and when we were over there our shoes were really dirty and got his floor dirty so I asked for a broom and he was like not a problem I have a button that I press and the dirt will be blown out and I didn't believe him at first but some how he convinced me that the roof splits open and the dirt gets blown out!!! I felt like an idiot!!! hahah their only problem is the family might want money for them to get married!!! but we will find out tonight!!! and the new family we found their names are Simieon and Elena they have 1 kid, he is 2 years old  but they live in a tiny house  but are excited to hear the message!! So we will see about them!!
It sounds like Tobie wants to get his eagle done!! and that's good that Kade is certified for Hunter Safety because I never was!!! hahah 


Did you have much time to say goodbye to all the people in your old area? I had like no time it was kinda sad!!!
What do you like about your new area? there is a KFC across from our house!!! hahah 
What do you dislike about your new area? its hotter here and my area is HUGE!!!!!!!! and I mean HUGE and I only walk in sand!!!!
Is there a lot of families you are working with in that area? Not many
So how close is the mission office to you? 40 min away
Did you get any letters or packages? YES from the Hancocks
What are yo doing for P-day today? Gator ball
Do you hope to get called to Marroumeu some day? I would love it and I have a good chance because all my areas have started with the letter m so its on the list!! hahah
Did you have any spiritual moments of the week? This week not many we just worked hard and did a lot of contacts
So what do you have to do as a trainer? well I have to help him on the language and set a good example and show him how to work and that's it.
I love you guys say hi to everyone for me
Elder Roberts

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