Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 49 I am getting Transferred!!

Well this weeks letter won't be very long I got transferred to Matola which is in the south next to Maputo!! I have to go home and pack so I will answer the questions.But I am training so that will be fun my comp went to Marroumeu which is like the most remote place but I am kinda sad because I didn't want to leave!!!
·       How are you feeling?  Have you gotten over the food poisoning yet? I wish I could send you a hot mayonnaise sandwich!!  haha I am all back to normal there
·       Did you get transferred?  Are there new changes?
·       How did Paulo’s wife die?  How old are his kids? not sure  but he has 5 kids one is 7 one is 14 the other 16 18 and 20
·       What are you doing for P-day today?PACKING
·       When do I get some pictures sent to me? WELL I WAS GOING TO DO IT THIS WEEK BUT NEXT WEEK
·       How is the weather?  What is the temperature? Its nice and cool still
·       How are the mosquitoes? not bad at all
·       Do you still sleep with a mosquito net?  yes
·       Do you get cock roaches or rats in your house? yes roaches
·       Did you get lori’s package? Not yet but i might today!!

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