Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 40 Mothers Day Skype

We got to talk to Taylor on Saturday morning for about 45 minutes.  He looked great and was extremely happy.  He is training an elder who is waiting for his Visa and who has not yet been to the MTC.  Once he gets his VISA he will go to the Brazil MTC.  His family is a self sufficient family.  They don't work and they grow their own food and live off what they have.  Taylor really likes his companion and says he is very funny.  He was baptized over a year ago and he is 25.  He came to Taylor with not very much stuff and the Mission President had Taylor go and buy him everything that he would need.  He said that there are never any awkward moments in Africa.  You just say what you have to say and everyone is ok with it.  I can't remember what else was said but he loves being a missionary and he is doing an awesome job.  Here is a quick note from Taylor.

IM SORRY!! today is going to be short there was no internet all day until now and we have to go
prosiliting here in a bit!! but I told you all that was really going on.  The one thing I forgot to say when we were skyping was happy mothers day!! He doesn't know what he wants to do yet but I told him if I come back to Africa and start a business I will hire him!! haha 
E. Roberts

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